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The idea of the “fresh zone” was brought to life in Liebherr fridges in 1996. The new development is called BioFresh. It is now almost impossible to find a fridge without this innovation. What is the Fresh Box? It’s a freshness zone in the units of the Italian company Hotpoint-Ariston. The German “Bosch” and “Siemens” have “Vita Fresh”.


The fresh zone in the refrigerator: what is it?


The fresh zone is a dedicated part of the entire volume of the refrigerator, in which the temperature is maintained close to zero. It is designed for storing food without freezing. It can be called more specifically: fresh chamber, fresh box, or fresh compartment.


When the first small refrigerators appeared with two sections inside, one of which had a temperature of about +46,4°F and the other -53,6°F, housewives were happy. But over time, these devices improved. The users’ requirements changed as well because the living conditions were changing.


When buying a package of cottage cheese or turkey thighs, customers look at the expiration date, which is printed in a prominent place. This is correct because each type of food has a period when it is safe to eat. What is forgotten is that knowing the date is not enough, you also need to consider how and where the product is kept. It is very important to do this correctly.


In the main volume, there is from +37,4 °F to +50 °F. These readings differ at the top and bottom by several degrees. Such conditions are unsuitable for the long-term storage of many products: cheese and sausage, fruit and herbs, meat and fish.


Onions and parsley quickly wilt, and begin to rot. Raspberries, strawberries, and currants do not last very long. Cheeses quickly dry out or become moldy. Sausages lose their marketable appearance. Meat and fish do not always go straight into cooking, they end up in the freezer. You have to thaw them for later use.


Conditions around 0°C would be better for all these needs, so food does not freeze and at the same time does not spoil for a long time. Low temperatures prevent the growth of bacteria, which are fine from +50°F to +131°F.


Why do you need a fresh zone in your refrigerator?


At first glance, all the requirements are fulfilled in the main volume of the refrigerator, but this is not the case. For certain purposes, it is the fresh zone that will provide the right conditions:


– Those who buy a large number of products at once. There are fewer problems with how to place them;

– Housewives who like to buy products every day and then cook from them;

– moms, if there is a baby in the house, for whom they prepare complementary food;

– the hostess who bought or picked raspberries or strawberries for jam, but cooking has been delayed; the berries will be preserved and will not go sour;

– Mushroom pickers, who can hold mushrooms here for a while without processing;

– vegetarians, they will be able to keep their herbs and vegetables in their best form;

– lovers of fresh milk; it won’t turn into sour milk for long;

– dieters, who need to keep blends, smoothies, and salads fresh;

– Hosts in the preparation of the holiday table. Pre-prepared salads, slices of sausage, smoked meats and cheese will keep their freshness and appearance until the festive moment;

– If you bought large quantities of meat or fish, you can divide them up. One part should be placed in the freezer and the other in the freezer compartment. In this case, you will not have to thaw the food before cooking.


Fresh boxes will not benefit only lovers of canned foods in cans and semi-finished products in bags: soups, mashed potatoes, noodles, porridge, etc. Although they, too, can make noodles for two days and put the rest in the Fresh Box.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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