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Dishwashers have become extremely popular in the last decade. They can significantly save time, and make the work of the kitchen hostess easier. However, all these devices have one serious disadvantage, to heat water it is necessary to spend a large amount of electricity.


Electricity today is not cheap, so more and more often you can hear the question: is it possible to connect the dishwasher to hot water? To understand how such a connection will affect the operation of the unit, it is necessary to study the technology of the hot water supply and the principle of operation of the entire system.


The traditional way of connecting water to the dishwasher


Almost all modern dishwashers are made with the expectation of connecting cold water to them. This method is traditional. The appliance comes with a special manual describing the detailed technology of the connection operation.


Connecting hot water to the dishwasher


It all depends on the model of the product. Not every appliance manufacturer has provided for such a possibility. It is necessary to have a special hose for the hot water supply. It is usually marked with a red stripe. And all hoses are made of different materials. Each differs in its properties and is designed to meet certain requirements.


Features of the hot water connection to the dishwasher


To connect the dishwasher, you must first make sure that such an operation is possible in principle. The permissibility of the connection is specified in the manual for the correct operation of the machine. In some models, the manufacturer has provided the possibility of such a connection. And it is possible to use a combination of two hoses at once.


What is necessary for the operation


To organize the supply of hot water, it is necessary to prepare in advance several tools, as well as special materials.


– A water hose capable of withstanding high temperatures.

– Brass tee equipped with a valve. – For the hot water supply, the silumina equipment is not suitable.

– A filter for water purification.


– Divorce wrench.

– Teflon tape.


Technological process of connection


To connect the pipeline, it is necessary to perform several operations in a certain sequence:


– turn off the water supply;

– prepare the pipe outlet;

– install a tee;

– connect the water intake hose to it;

– to the free end install a filter that performs coarse cleaning;

– connect the dishwasher.


Safety precautions


It is always necessary to remember that the hot water supply works only at high pressure. Saving on the hose can lead to a rapid failure of the entire system. Connection is carried out strictly according to the instructions. Sealing of all connections must be made with special Teflon tape. Before you start to operate the dishwasher, it is mandatory to perform a test run. It is strictly forbidden to have minimal leaks.


Please note! The dishwasher must be earthed. Failure to do so could result in a severe electric shock.


Pros and cons of connecting the dishwasher to hot water




This question is quite complicated. It is impossible to answer it unambiguously. There are several reasons for this:


  1. The dishwasher can only operate at a temperature no higher than 70 degrees. If it goes higher, the filtration system will break.
  2. It cannot be operated without a coarse filter installed. The hot water system carries with it a large amount of debris and dirt.
  3. High temperature causes breakage of hoses and cracks in gaskets.


A positive point can be called the reduction of energy required to heat water.


Increasing the life span of the device


For the dishwasher to work properly throughout the warranty period, it must only be operated normally. If after connecting the hot water, the appliance fails, the warranty may be void. In other words, using one and a half kilowatts during heating can be much cheaper.


When cold water is connected, a special salt is added to increase its softness. If the temperature control is not followed, the existing control system very quickly falls into disrepair.


Impact on the quality of washing dishes


In principle, the quality of dishwashing remains unchanged. The dishwasher is equipped with a special thermostat which is responsible for heating the water. It only allows you to heat the liquid to a certain temperature. Of course, the speed of the process will become much faster, since there will be no need to heat water. Therefore, whether it is worth creating such a connection remains a moot point.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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