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You can read what a fresh zone is and what it’s for in our previous article.

Today we will talk about the appearance, as well as what are the advantages and disadvantages of the fresh zone in the refrigerator.




The exterior of a fridge-freezer can look different. In some versions, it is a separate compartment with a tight-fitting lid; in others, it is a dedicated part with its own outer door, that is, a three-compartment refrigerator. This unit cannot be separated from the whole unit, it is not removable.


In inexpensive refrigerators, the fresh box is located next to the freezer compartment and is cooled by it. Cold air enters through a special duct. Conditions from -3°C to +3°C are maintained here.


Expensive brands make zero zones with their own cooling system. They have sensors that monitor and regulate the temperature inside and fans to equalize it. In this case, the specifications include the name “zero chambers”, there is a separate door, and the possibility to set the parameters as desired.


The cheaper units have zero zones with a humidity of 55%. The more expensive models may have two (dry and wet). Sometimes there are three. One day for meat and fish, another with a humidity of 95% for greens, and the third for fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water, with a humidity of 55%.


Dry and humid freshness zones and their differences


Dry zone


The dry zone has conditions ranging from -10°C to 00°C and a humidity of 50%. This is where products are stored that do not need a humid air environment to stay fresh:


– meat;

– minced meat;

– poultry;

– fish;

– sausage;

– cheese;

– Shrimp, mussels, etc.


Storage time increases by 2-3 times in comparison with the main part of the device. Its volume is larger than that of the wet chamber. Sometimes products in this area are covered with a thin layer of frost, so it is better to put meat and fish in a bag. Food freezes only on the surface, it does not affect their quality.


Wet freshness zone


The moist zone is designed for storing berries, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Here the temperature is kept from 00С to +30С and the humidity is 95%. In the total volume, there is an intensive loss of water and with it vitamins and trace elements. In a humid chamber maximum preserved vitamin C, and appetizing appearance. The storage time compared to the total volume is much longer:


– Raspberries, strawberries – 1 week;

– parsley, green onions – 3 weeks;

– tomatoes – 10 days;

– apples, pears – 3 months;

– carrots – 5 months;


There are models in which there is only one free compartment, the humidity in it is regulated by a shutter. If you open it, it goes down.


Fast cooling


If the refrigerator’s documentation includes the “fast cooling” function, then the entire volume of the refrigerator can be made a fresh zone with a temperature of 0°C. This may be necessary, for example, before a holiday, when it is necessary to save a large amount of food for the table. This mode increases power consumption, so you should not use it often.


Advantages and disadvantages of the fresh zone


Let’s consider the positive and negative aspects of the fresh zone in the refrigerator.




The presence of such a zone makes cooking easier. It is convenient to immediately put in a pot or pan already sliced meat or fish. If you choose this option, then:


– There will be an opportunity to store edibles in the best possible conditions;

– you lower your meal costs because the food is stored for a longer period of time;

– you save money because you reduce the amount of food waste;

– there is a guarantee of the freshness of the food that reaches the table;

– there is no penetration of unpleasant odors from one compartment to another because they are isolated.




The high price is the main disadvantage of the freshness zone, but the only one. By the number on the price tag, you can guess whether this model has a fresh zone or not. The cost of refrigerators that have it is at least a third higher than the others. The most expensive will be those in which the fresh box is separated into a separate unit.


Refrigerators with a fresh zone are not only more expensive but also require more careful handling. They can be repaired only by qualified craftsmen.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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