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Samsung brand refrigerators are known for their build quality. But even the most reliable equipment has failures and breakdowns. In this article, we will consider the most common malfunctions and ways to solve them. Some breakdowns owners of equipment will be able to determine on their own. Remember, if you carry out timely repair of refrigerators in individual cases, the chances of eliminating all malfunctions and stabilizing the work of the equipment are increased.


Characteristic features of Samsung refrigerators


Samsung brand positions its products in the medium-price category, but there are also premium models. To attract the attention of users, the company, in addition to a variety of functions, settings, and striking designs, produces appliances with the use of quality parts. Parts, systems, and elements used by Samsung for the assembly of appliances are made by well-known companies specifically for this brand.


The majority of models are equipped with a display that transmits the errors in the refrigerator’s work in the form of codes. It is very convenient because the owner can timely call a master or repair the breakage on their own by looking through deciphering the code in the instruction.


For the most expensive component, the linear compressor, the company issues a warranty in the form of 10 years. This component rarely breaks down. For the technique as a whole, the company gives a warranty card for up to 7 years.


Samsung refrigerator and possible types of failure

In the case of a failure of one of the parts or functional units, the signs of the problem are immediately manifested. Below we will consider the most basic types of faults that occur in most cases.


The refrigerator does not turn on

If the refrigerator is warm and the compressor does not turn on, there are 4 catalysts for the appearance of such a breakdown.


– An electrical problem – if the motor does not work, the gauges do not light up. Immediately check the socket and cable, there is no damage or deformation. Additionally, test the wiring yourself or use the services of an electrician;


– Failure of electronics, despite the fact that the boards are of high quality and provided protection against overloads in the network, with bad and unstable power supply is possible failure of electronics;


– Compressor failure is manifested when there is a display, control, and lighting inside, but the refrigerator still does not work;


– Breakdown of the temperature sensor, when there is no signal to the control unit to increase the set temperature, there is no command to activate the compressor.


There is a way to determine if the temperature sensor works, in case there is no cooling for a long time. To do this, turn on the option of forced cooling or accelerated freezing. When the compressor starts running, that’s a signal that something is wrong with the sensor.


Elevated temperature in the refrigerator

When the temperature is elevated, but the compressor is functioning normally at the same time, the problem is most likely related to:


  1. Capillary tubes are leaking and freon is leaking. The pressure in the system is dropping, respectively air is being sucked in, which is changing the phase change conditions of the refrigerant. The refrigerator loses the evaporator cold, or it stops working completely.


  1. The door is not airtight. This causes warm air to enter the refrigerator.


Noticing the lack of airtightness is simple. A slight layer of frost or water droplets will appear on the walls inside the refrigerator. So, it will be necessary to notice the seal, because warm air inside the cabinet is getting in. Condensation inside the refrigerator is not always a signal of equipment failure. It happens that due to improper use of the refrigerator, water accumulation appears inside. This is due to the placement of warm, hot food in the refrigerator, not closed containers with water, or for a long time, the door was open.


The problem of ice formation

Due to the lack of sealing, another problem appears – the gradual entry of warm air cools around the door, after which condensation occurs.


In the freezer, the temperature regime is kept below zero, respectively, there is a build-up of snow coat together with ice particles. In the freezer compartment, condensation passes through the rubber seals or comes out when the door is opened. If this is the case, you may see drips on the door. If even minimal damage to the gasket is present, it is best to notice the rubber immediately.


Problems with your Samsung refrigerator are caused by a clogged drain system

The condensate is carried out through the drain system, which is located on the back of the unit. The diameter of this hole is small because too large a hole will cause loss of cold. Over time, impurities will settle on the walls of the hole, causing the drain system to become clogged.


The appearance of a clog will block the water outlet. A puddle appears under the refrigerator, and the moisture level inside the chamber increases significantly. There is an unpleasant odor and a favorable environment for the reproduction of harmful microorganisms.


Door or rubber seal damaged

Incorrect door position is the most common cause of depressurization. It lets air into the cold room. Therefore, when installing the unit, it must be leveled. To change the position of the door, tighten the adjustment screws.


The rubber seal will wear out over time. It can tear and tear. It must be replaced in time to prevent the problem from getting worse. Sometimes the rubber gasket is knocked down and wrinkles form. To smooth it out, you need to pour boiling water on the rubber band.


Instructions for replacing a damaged rubber seal:


  1. You need to start with disassembly. Carefully remove it with a screwdriver with a flat tip.


  1. In the grooves remain particles of glue and rubber, they must also be removed with a spatula and a sponge with a soft texture.


  1. Before installing the new sealant, its corners should be heated with a hair dryer. This will improve the elasticity of the material.


  1. To secure the seal to the door, use a silicone-based sealant.


  1. New models of sealant have magnetic tape, fixing such material is much easier. Adhesives will not be needed.


Be careful not to damage your refrigerator.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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