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Many households at one point notice that the refrigerator is unbearably noisy. The defect is extremely unpleasant, because it causes, first of all, moral discomfort, but also together with it can be observed and failures in the performance of the main function of cooling. In some situations, you can fix the breakdown with your own hands without going to a service center, so here are all sorts of cases so that any user can, if not eliminate, then diagnose the breakdown.


Nature of the sound


Even during normal operation of the refrigerator some sounds are heard, and their sources are at least two factors. One is the compressor, which does not hum strongly during operation, and the second is the circulation of refrigerant through the capillary and radiator tubes. To determine what still happened to the appliances, you need to listen carefully and determine the nature of the sound:


A faint humming sound is the compressor starting up and running.


Cracking plastic sounds are the temperature expansion of the tubes that go from one area of the appliances to another through the plastic walls. It is not uncommon for the refrigerator to squeak loudly precisely because of the friction of the expanding tubes against the plastic elements.


Hum or noise in the No frost refrigerators. These noises are often made by the fan that circulates the cold air through the interior of the equipment.


Rattling and vibration


It is necessary to learn to distinguish between the noise of a technical factor or a natural physical process, because you could at least correctly explain the essence of the problem to the repairman. In some situations, the problem can even be eliminated with your own hands.


Possible causes of loud noise during refrigerator operation


Have you noticed that the refrigerator has started to work loudly? It is important to know that it is not normal. Its noise should not change from new to actual when it is in normal working order. Still, it makes quite a few noises when it’s running, each one characteristic of a different component. And in them it is worth learning to identify problematic ones in order to take correct measures in time. For example, a knock or other noise of the refrigerator compressor can suddenly appear. It can knock for the simple reason that the rubber shock-absorbing rings have worn out. It is necessary to replace them. Consider all kinds of situations where this technique can cause abnormal noise.


Violated installation rules


Before claiming the poor quality of a new recently purchased refrigerator, you need to make sure that you yourself did not violate the installation instructions. The fact is that in this technique, the curvature of the surface has an important role. It should be flat, for which the devices are equipped with adjustable legs. Answering the question of why a new refrigerator is noisy, first it is worth opening the instruction manual for the operation and installation. It clearly spells out the conditions for placing the equipment:


The problem is that many citizens have some inconveniences in terms of space planning in the kitchen. Because of this there is a need to put appliances in complete contradiction to the instructions. In this case, the refrigerator begins to work noisily for the following reasons:


The compressor hits the walls, furniture or pipes during operation. As a result of this process, a characteristic rattling sound is created. Its magnitude and tonality depend on how tightly it is pressed against an object or element of the structure. To solve the problem it is enough to move it back some proper distance.


It works longer than it should, and because of that the sound of refrigerant circulation is often heard. It often turns out to be connected with a loosely closed door or placing the technique near the heating devices. The cause of the noise is the rapid evaporation of moisture and the heating of the compressor.


Also the reason of hum of the new refrigerator because of the incorrect installation can be the transport bolts. They fasten the fan and compressor to the rigid frame of the equipment. If they are not unscrewed, the normal vibration of the motors is transmitted to the body, due to which the whole frame vibrates. Considering that the appliances are made of sheets of steel, the sound is amplified.


In any case, the refrigerator must be installed strictly according to the instructions, otherwise the unit can make not only loud noises. It will soon fail.


Insufficient air supply


There are also situations when the refrigerator fan is noisy. It is an asynchronous motor equipped with an impeller. Accordingly, it has all the sounds characteristic of the operation of such a device, which during operation can:


Beeping, which indicates that there is an overload on its shaft. It can occur for several reasons, and one of them is insufficient air flow. It is difficult for the impeller to force air through the blocked air inlets. You can eliminate the cause by checking that the refrigerator is properly positioned. The ventilation openings should be clear.


The motor has overheated and a short circuit has occurred in the windings, due to which it does not develop power, but consumes more energy. Its humming is accompanied by heating, which can lead to a quick breakdown.


The fan runs very often because the compressor overheats, which is also accompanied by an increase in temperature in the windings. The grease used in the bearings becomes excessively fluid due to the high heat of the fan, so it does not provide proper slip. Goods are caused by friction of metal without lubrication.


Throttle capillary tube clogging


Sometimes users encounter a situation where the refrigerator cracks when running. This crackling is nothing but the result of a large pressure drop in the connections and transitions from large to small radii. The refrigerant that circulates in the system makes such loud noises. There is always a characteristic noise, but at some point it becomes too loud. This condition indicates a blockage in the system.


Theoretically it should not form, only in the filter. In fact, this element retains only large particles. Everything small it successfully drives through itself, so a clog is formed at the place of transition from a larger diameter of pipes to a smaller one. This occurs because of the existing cut of the tube, for which the small fractions cling and accumulate.


This defect can be eliminated by performing the following steps:


– It is necessary to drain all the refrigerant from the system.

– Blow out the system with nitrogen, because there is always moisture in the compressed air.

– Remove the filter drier.

– Re-blow and install a new filter.

– Fill the system with freon according to all the rules for this procedure.

– If the refrigerator is still noisy, it is necessary to open the connections at the transition points to see the problem and re-solder the system parts.


Fan malfunctions


In refrigerators with Frost technology, it is the fan that very often has problems. This is due to the fact that the motor runs very often, and it uses bearing grease for normal rotation of the impeller. Over time, it loses its lubricating properties, so it begins to hum, crackle and make other sounds. With prolonged operation in this mode, it may soon jam.


If you began to hear uncharacteristic noise for normal operation, it is necessary to act promptly. Some models of fans in refrigerators can be disassembled for lubrication of bearings, but more often it is impossible to do it. Therefore, the solution is to replace the motor. It is much easier to lubricate a still running motor, which you can do with a syringe and silicone lubricants.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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