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Cases, when the refrigerator door does not close properly, are not uncommon. Daily repeated opening and closing leads to the wear of spare parts, which can subsequently cause the breakdown of the entire installation. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly make sure that the door is completely adjacent to the body, otherwise, problems cannot be avoided.


Hermeticity is the basis of the normal operation of the refrigerator


Among the malfunctions that owners of refrigerators often have to deal with is the formation of ice, the so-called “snow coat”, on the inner surface of the case. Some sound the alarm and call specialists, while others prefer to defrost the equipment, believing that they have found a guaranteed way to solve the problem. However, it helps only temporarily. And the situation repeats itself. Moreover, this incident occurs both with old “grandmother’s” models and with new fancy refrigerators.


What is the reason for the snowfall and, as a result, the temperature increase in the chamber? The answer is banal – the refrigerator was depressurized. Such an unpleasant factor adversely affects the functioning of the entire system as a whole, simultaneously reducing the shelf life of products.


With this layout, warm air masses penetrate inside constantly, and not only when the refrigerator door is ajar. To compensate for the excess heat, the motor starts working at an increased rate, which affects its operational characteristics. Uninterrupted operation of the engine leads to wear and tear of other components of the complex mechanism. In a word, sooner or later the refrigerator will break, and quite expensive repairs may be required. This is at best, at worst – the equipment will have to be disposed of.


It is quite possible not to bring the unit to such a condition if the malfunction is noticed and eliminated in time.


Ways to check the tightness of the refrigerator if the door does not close


A refrigerator door that does not fit tightly is a cause for concern, the first “bell” signaling that something is wrong with the device. Although there are cases when the cause may be a drawer that is not fully pushed in or a panhandle that extends beyond the space. Therefore, first of all, you should carefully inspect the equipment.


If there are no obstacles to closing, then other methods of checking are used:


– The refrigerator must be placed on a flat, hard surface without an incline. The slightest inclination or skew can facilitate the passage of air masses from the room inside

– The degree of adhesion of the sealing rubber to the case is easy to check with the help of a paper feeler.


The main reasons why the door may not close


The most common are the reasons related to the carelessness of the owners:


– The place of installation does not meet the requirements of safe work prescribed in the operating instructions. As an option, the location on a carpet with a long pile, or the support legs is not adjusted in height in the case of installation on an uneven surface

– Any object that interferes with the tight closing of the door. This can be an element from the dishes: a handle, a lid, or a pull-out section for vegetables and fruits that are not pushed all the way.


The following technical factors can also be attributed to the probable causes of the breakdown:


– Wear of the rubber seal over time is a natural phenomenon that occurs as a result of frequent opening and closing, dirt, and grease getting on the elastic surface. The result is drying and abrasion of the sealant

– The fastening mechanism and the spacer mechanism have loosened, which can lead to spontaneous “repulsion” of the door with a strong knock

– Deformation of the door caused by overloading of the internal shelves.


How to independently test the refrigerator door for tightness


Check how tightly the door of the refrigerator is closed, if possible with improvised means. For this, you will need a thin sheet of paper with a density of 80 g/m and a width of 50 mm. The sheet is inserted between the door and the body of the refrigerator. The paper should not be pulled out easily, nor should it be pushed back in (the sheet should crumple). Also, the tool used should not slide down but remain in the same place where it was placed. If everything happens exactly the opposite, then it is time to sound the alarm.

Self-removal of leak tightness


It is not always necessary to immediately call a home appliance repair master. Especially if it concerns the elimination of minor problems, such as a violation of the tightness of the refrigerator door. But in cases where it is not possible to correct the situation on your own, you do not need to “invent the wheel”, it is better to seek qualified help from professionals.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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