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It is worth immediately understanding that a refrigerator cannot be absolutely silent. Moderate noise is normal for any cooling equipment. But if a brand new refrigerator suddenly starts to rattle and howl, then you need to check right away: whether the transport bolts are unscrewed, whether the equipment is level, whether the refrigerator is tightly adjacent to the wall or furniture.


A slight hum at the very beginning of the operation of the refrigerator is a completely normal phenomenon, you should not classify the device as defective and run to the store with a check. The growl of the motor after the first application of current is the norm.


If you really want to buy a quiet refrigerator, you need to pay attention to the class of electricity consumption, the volume of the chambers and the decibel indicators (the smaller they are, the quieter). All this information must be presented on the label and documents of the refrigerator.


Why is the new refrigerator noisy: reasons


Before you call the master, it’s a good idea to figure out if the noise from the refrigerator is normal or not. When not to panic:


The device hums after the compressor is turned off. First, the engine cools the chambers to a predetermined temperature, and then turns off. The refrigerator shuts down. But during downtime, quiet clicks and crackles are possible. This is fine. So the materials from which the working systems and chambers of the unit are made react to temperature deformations.


Clicking sound when the engine is turned on or off. This triggers the thermostat.


To understand whether the noise is normal or not is simple: you need to remember whether such a sound has always been there or has appeared recently. You should be concerned if:


If the refrigerator begins to buzz, then, of course, you need to figure out what is the cause of the unpleasant sound. Most often, the unit makes noise due to:


Some refrigerators start to rumble if you select the wrong mode. For example, this often happens when entering minimum temperature requirements. The compressor cannot withstand the load and starts to make a loud noise.


Normally, any refrigerator should make noise no more than 45-50 dB. You can measure the level using special applications on your smartphone, or focus on your own feelings. 45-50 dB is the level of a quiet conversation, the sound of a typewriter.


If a new refrigerator makes noise, then you should not panic ahead of time. It is necessary to check whether all the rules for using the device are observed. Fridge:


– stands on a flat floor;

– does not touch walls, furniture, is away from heaters or a stove, direct sunlight does not fall on it;

– regularly defrosted;

– does not work in a mode due to which the load on the compressor increases (for example, in intensive cooling mode).


Products, pots in the chamber are not piled on top of each other, all items are level.


You can determine the type of breakdown by the type of noise. Refrigerator usually:


In many cases, the owner can independently remove the reason for which the unit is noisy.


life hacks


For the correct operation of the refrigerator, you must follow the rules of operation, as well as know some tricks that will help in the prevention of this device.


It is important to know the misconceptions that are spread by various specialists: from private craftsmen to service centers.


Common misconceptions and useless advice


Consider the most common and ridiculous recommendations that you can hear:


New equipment should make a little noise (buzz). At the same time, a buzzing refrigerator is called the “norm”, which works in this way for more than a day.


In fact, it should make noise when you first turn it on, but not for more than 2-3 hours. During this time, the temperature regime inside the chambers will “settle down”, and the compressor will start to work more quietly.


Some experts attribute the hum to a lack of freon in the system without making any diagnostics. At the same time, they are not guided by anything, relying only on their experience.


As mentioned above, there are many reasons for the occurrence of a hum. A true malfunction can only be shown by a thorough diagnosis.


Equipment with two compressors is quieter than with one. Allegedly, the load is distributed and the compressors individually need less power, respectively, they are less noisy.


This is a myth invented by marketers to increase the price of such models. Single compressor models work with the same noise level. The difference lies only in the ease of use.


If the hum comes from a clogged refrigerant pipe, then the refrigerator can only be thrown out. Only inexperienced masters say so. It’s better not to deal with them.


These are the main misconceptions that can be heard from different people or companies regarding the operation of the refrigerator.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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