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The fan is an integral part of the automatic defrosting system. As a rule, you hear the case rattling or vibrations coming from mechanical connections, but sometimes it is the fan that snorts. There may be many reasons for this, from breakage to improper storage and transportation of the refrigerator.

Manufacturers also take this point into account. Today, units with automatic defrosting have several patented technologies that are designed to work efficiently and quietly. Say, the Koreans have developed the AirShower system, with which the fan pushes the cold from the ceiling of the chamber. A striking representative of such technology is the Samsung RL-17 MBSW model. This option will fit well in a small kitchen. However, the noise level of this find is a mystery behind the seven seals, even the official user manual does not contain this data.

Another thing is the more expensive class within this brand. Samsung’s mid-price segment has a more modern technology, which is called TwinFan/TwinCooling when the model has two fans working simultaneously to cool both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. The Samsung RS552NRUA9M model can be called one of the best. Just imagine, the 538-liter Mahina makes only 41 dB of noise. By the way, LG’s direct competitor has no less perfect MultiFlow cooling system which gives practically the same quietness. I will not sing the praises – these Koreans are good as they are.

Another development is called Cool Front Shower. In such systems, there is a powerful fan, which works for multistream blowing from the front, including the inner surface of the door. This is a Japanese idea, which can be found in Sharp refrigerators, about the quietness of which I have already mentioned.

There’s also such a thing as Surround Cool. This was invented by the Americans. In Whirlpool refrigerators, the fan blows cold from all sides, which is also very effective for quality storage. In addition, even a full NoFrost will not make more than 44 dB of noise. The Whirlpool ARC 4178 W refrigerator is a prime representative of these features.

What else might sound like?

Among all others, I will note the noise of the refrigerant and the thermostat. In the first case, you hear something like gurgling, howling, or murmuring. This is caused by the high velocity of modern refrigerants moving through the system. In the second case, a clicking sound is heard.

Here we can say the following: refrigerators with freon R134 and R12 are quieter than those with R600a. But I would not advise being guided by it when choosing. All the same, the level of extraneous sounds is minimal, and isobutane is the most effective in terms of cooling. You can find it in almost all brands of middle and high-price segment refrigerators.

Speaking of the thermostat, it’s a simple switch and if it clicks, it means it’s working and quite serviceable. You can look up the maximum volume of the thermostat in the technical documentation. Somewhere the relay sounds quieter, somewhere louder, there is no universal advice here.

However, if you are too annoyed by the clicking sound, take the built-in appliances and integrate them into a cabinet lined with noise insulation. Within this segment, I can recommend the new Bosch KGN39VW35. The machine is designed for urban apartments with 306 liters, it has a dry cooling system, a charcoal filter, and low power consumption. By the way, the noise is also low – only 41 dB.

Where to find out about the noise

When buying it is worth a look at the manual, there is a table with technical specifications, which shows the noise level in dB. Most likely you will see a figure between 30-50 dB, most often it is 40-46 dB. However, almost all manufacturers cheat a little here.

The fact is that noise measurements are made in separate rooms. In fact, in the specifications you see the unit’s own sound – it’s true. But no one will say with 100% accuracy how the same unit will behave in your apartment.

In the kitchen, the noise will change naturally, as the sound will be reflected from the ceiling, walls, floor, its own body of the device. If you dig completely, the area of the room plays a role, the placement of appliances in relation to furniture and other items, and even the coating of the walls. In view of this, it is better to aim for minimum decibel values when buying.


Solid manufacturers make almost silent refrigerators in the middle and high price segment. You should not be afraid of unnecessary sounds, even if you will consider for purchase a two-compressor option. Noise in such appliances is perceived as a subtle hint of innovation and high performance. But small and full-size models of the economy class, though less often, but more weighty in terms of vibration and sounds. So it turns out that you have to vote for silence with your money, especially if you consider the extraneous noises in terms of build quality.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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