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Cooking surface made of glass ceramic coating has long been loved by housewives for their attractive appearance, lightness, and ergonomics. Any kitchen equipped with such a cooking surface has a special high-tech atmosphere.


If only more of this high technology would not get dirty or effectively clean themselves, it would be completely great. But, unfortunately, such technology has not yet been invented. And the question than to wash the cooktop of glass ceramic remains a headache for many home cooks. After all, it is almost impossible to keep track of everything that happens on the stove and prevent food from escaping from the allocated pan in time.


General rules of care for glass ceramic cooktop


Glass-ceramic surface combines the durability of the coating with the convenience of use, and the beauty of appearance. It is characterized by heat and impact resistance, and the coefficient of expansion of the panel is almost zero.


Along with these positive qualities, glass-ceramic cooktop does not cease to be glass, which is easy to damage by a pitting blow, scratch with a careless stroke of a knife, or a heavy pan. Therefore, care for such a stove must combine gentleness and gentle use of conventional detergents designed for washing. It is best to avoid heavy dirt, not leave them on the stove until the next general cleaning, and clean the stove immediately after the appearance of stains.


But you should follow the basic rule of care for glass ceramic surfaces: wash it only after the panel is completely cooled. Small dirt can be removed while the surface is still warm, using a special plastic spatula, which will help to effectively deal with dirt without damaging the structure of the panel.


If the dirt is not removed, you will have to wait for the panel to cool down. By the way, it will not be superfluous to disconnect the panel from the power grid. In this way, you can protect yourself from electric shock. After all, water, which will be needed for a thorough washing, is an excellent conductor of electricity. For greater safety, make sure that moisture does not roll off the surface of the panel.


The second important rule of daily maintenance will be to check the available dishes.


Important: The glass ceramic surface is quite sensitive to mechanical impact. It can be scratched by the uneven bottom of a pan or pot. Such a scratch will gradually become clogged with grease, which will be very difficult to remove, and the stove will lose its attractiveness.


To prevent such a scenario, you need to check the available utensils and remove kitchen utensils that are questionable. Let it go to the place of residence in the garden, and the hostess with full right can buy a new set of pans and pots. By the way, aluminum cookware and glass ceramic are not friendly with each other, so it is better to buy something more expensive and of higher quality.


Rule number three: A hot stove surface will not be happy if a cold or wet pot, pan, or ladle is placed on it. Cookware to be placed on the glass ceramic should have a dry surface on the outside, and the stove can be turned on only after the pot has taken its place. If you violate this rule constantly, then very soon the surface will be covered with microcracks, cloudy, and will be depressing for anyone who will cook on it.


To prevent such phenomena, you need to pick up and lids to the dishes only in size. Condensation that will form on the surface of a too-big lid, will certainly roll on the stove, creating not only the risk of damaging the stove but also forming limescale, which is not easy to clean.


Important: It’s better to clean up such spills right away. Especially if they are sweet. A metal scraper will help to do this. Only it is necessary to act very carefully, so as not to damage the stove.


You can not drag pots and pans across the surface. If there is a need to move something, then the pot is lifted and carried through the air, not on the stove. Plastic and synthetics should not be used near the cooking surface. The melted mass will stick firmly, and it will be almost impossible to remove it from the stove.


What to clean the glass ceramic hob


So, from the hob made up of all the dishes on the desktop, the temperature indicator shows that the surface is completely cooled, so you can begin the cleaning process.


The simplest dirt is removed with an ordinary damp sponge, wiping the surface after that with a cloth made of fiber or ordinary gauze, medical gauze.


Usually, to wash the glass ceramic plate allocate a special set of sponge rags, which do not participate in the process of cleaning all other surfaces or washing dishes. This is done in order to prevent solid or greasy particles, as well as detergents, from getting on the panel. The former can scratch or stain the surface, the latter will leave unsightly streaks.


Any window cleaner or soap solution can be used as a daily care product. It is enough to spray or apply the product, wait a couple of minutes, wipe with a sponge, and remove the moisture with a dry cloth.


Important: It is best to care for the stove on a regular basis, ideally this should be done after each meal.


Manufacturers recommend buying special products for the care of glass-ceramic surfaces, they allow you to create a special protective film on the surface. Such additional protection will keep the stove from unnecessary dirt and help to clean the surface more easily. However, you should not leave detergents on the surface. Their residues are harmful to the stove, so do not forget to thoroughly wipe the glass-ceramic after washing.


Against greasy stains


Traditional dishwashing detergents can help wash away grease. Use them in the most usual way: apply, wait, rinse, and thoroughly dry.


From stale soot


Such stains are much harder to clean, but still possible. For starters, you can try using the same detergent but leave it for longer, 15-20 minutes should be enough to dissolve the soot.


If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to get a special scraper. It should remove a slightly softened accumulation of grease.


Tip! Only special scrapers should be purchased. Normal plastic on a cold stove will be completely useless, and on a hot stove will melt with all the unpleasant consequences.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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