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An actively used dishwasher greatly simplifies the life of every housewife. Choosing this type of appliance, many people are guided by its appearance, but more important is the functionality. To assess the usefulness of the model, you need to know how long the dishwasher cycle lasts and decide whether they are suitable for you.

At first glance, the work of the dishwasher seems simple: install the unit, connect it, put detergents in the right places, arrange the utensils, select the program, and run the technique. Then you can forget about the dishes for a while and do something more pleasant.

But I wonder what is going on inside the dishwasher at this time? After starting the machine in operation, water enters a special tray through an open valve. Enriched with detergents and regenerating salt, it is heated to the temperature you set.

The process itself is identical to washing dishes by hand.

It depends on the program you have set and consists of three or four steps:

-soaking, if the dishes are very dirty;

The duration of these periods is influenced by the initially set water temperature. The higher the threshold you set, the longer you will have to wait for the end of the cycle.

Soaking, sometimes called prewashing, rinses the main dirt from the dishes with cold water without the use of chemicals from the main container. This feature is useful if dishes are loaded into the machine in stages as they accumulate. It will prevent dirt from sticking tightly to previously loaded kitchen items.

The actual washing involves treating the dishes with hot water of about 80ºC. You can also simply extend the washing time, but the advantage of the first option is that no detergent components are used.

Water, together with a chemical composition, is sprayed with special tubes at the top or bottom of the body. The beater cleans dishes more effectively. As it rotates, it sprays water jets in all directions under a powerful head.

At the end of the washing stage, the dishwasher automatically turns on the next one, rinsing and drying.

Rinsing in the dishwasher, by analogy with the washing machine, includes two stages. This is the only way to completely remove detergents from all surfaces of the washed dishes.

Standard operating modes
Dishwasher programs are a sequence of operations performed by the microprocessor.

The main parameters are:

– The presence or absence of a pre-soak mode.
– Water heating temperature.
– Program duration.

After repeated use, it will be easy to recognize how the dishwasher is functioning and identify malfunctions by ear.

The final stage of the machine’s operation
At the end of the cycle, the contaminated liquid goes down the drain. This is followed by the drying phase. It can either end after 30 minutes or last for more than an hour.

A special signal given by the machine will notify the end of the program. The volume of the sound can be adjusted by means of convenient indicators, placed by the manufacturer on the control panel. With their help, you can completely disable the notification function, if you plan to load the machine overnight.

When the machine stops completely, you should press the on/off button. The door is then slightly ajar to allow the dishes to cool faster.

After drying, the temperature inside the machine remains high, so it is not recommended to immediately release its contents. In addition, dishes made of certain materials become very fragile when hot.

It happens that the cycle is completed, and the dishwasher does not turn off. The most likely cause is a problem with the electronics. It can also be the result of clogging the drain hole with food remains. In this case, the machine is not able to finish the work properly.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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