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Poor operating conditions or improper settings often cause the motor to run continuously.


Here are some common mistakes:


– The appliance is installed in such a way that its rear grille touches the wall or is positioned almost exactly against it;

– the refrigerator is too close to a hot radiator or other heating devices;

– The room in which the product is located is too hot, or the operating conditions are not met;

– Built-in super-freezer function is activated, which should be deactivated manually or does not deactivate in automatic mode for some reason;

– The thermostat is set to the minimum position, and the ambient air is too warm.


All of these situations are related to a heat exchange malfunction.


The device located next to the battery does not produce cold. Its principle of operation is based on constantly taking heat energy inside the refrigerator and transferring it to the surrounding air.


If the air is too hot, the heat will remain unabsorbed. The refrigerator’s compressor will continue to run, trying unsuccessfully to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. As a result, the main working organ of the appliance will quickly exhaust its working life and become unusable.


Thus the greater the difference between the temperature inside the refrigerator and outside, the more heat energy needs to be transferred, and the more difficult it is for the equipment to reach the necessary indicators. For example, in super-freezing mode, heat exchange has to be done very intensively.


If the heat does not have enough time to leave the fridge, the temperature sensors will not fix the cold level set by the program, the command to switch off the compressor will not come, and the equipment will continue working.


There are also other possible causes of such breakdowns associated with the wear and tear of individual parts of the appliance. For example, if the integrity of the rubber seal on the refrigerator door is damaged, it will lead to the breach of hermeticity of the internal space.


It will turn out that the refrigerating equipment takes the heat energy from the chamber, but the heat is leaking inside through the imperceptible gaps.


Although the air inside feels cold, the sensors tell you that the temperature is not low enough. The compressor continues to run without stopping.


The next reason a refrigerator can function in this way is a breakdown in the refrigerator’s thermostat, which transmits incorrect information to the control center. Finally, the compressor itself may also be worn out and working with insufficient capacity, not providing enough temperature drop.


Another reason why the refrigerator won’t shut off is a freon leak. The refrigerant acts as a “carrier” of heat energy in the system.


It absorbs dissipated heat particles inside the refrigerating chamber, then moves them outside. If the amount of Freon in the system is insufficient, the cooling rate will slow down, causing the refrigerator to run continuously.


You should not wait for the time when the sound of the engine running becomes constant. If the pauses between switching off and switching on the compressor have considerably decreased, and the periods of work have increased, most likely it is time to think about charging the equipment with freon.


Owners of modern refrigerators are somewhat easier to deal with the definition of the problem, if the unit has a built-in self-diagnostic function. Failures can be indicated by labeled codes, which are displayed on the control panel.


To decipher the message, you need to use the instruction manual, where there is detailed information. However, do not blindly trust this information, sometimes to accurately identify not only the problem, but also its cause, it is necessary to carry out a detailed diagnosis of the state of the device.


Usually the working cycle of the compressor lasts 10-30 minutes, after which the device is turned off for about the same period. If the temperature in the room where the refrigerator stands has risen noticeably for some time, the duty cycle may be a little longer.


But if the compressor continues to work in abnormal mode even after the outside temperature decreases, it is time to engage in diagnostics of the appliance condition.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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