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The reason that the refrigerator works, but does not freeze, is also a freon leak. You can understand that the refrigerant leaks by opening the refrigerator and touching its back wall.


During normal operation, this place has a high temperature. If this part of the device is cold, it is necessary to look for a crack through which the substance evaporates. Another reason for such functioning of the refrigerator is a clogged cooling system. To resume work, it is pressed with a hydraulic tool and washed using a special capillary tube. Also, the refrigerator may need to replace the drying filter or compressor motor. However, the problem is not always so serious, often the door of the refrigerator itself turns out to be faulty, namely the already familiar hydraulic gasket. To understand how to repair the refrigerator door in this location, study the relevant instructions:


Identifying the problem. Is the cause of the breakdown really in a worn gasket? To find out, take an ordinary sheet of paper and insert it between the gasket and the device. If the sheet is easily accessible, the gasket requires a replacement;


Buy a new gasket in a branded store.


Make sure that the part fits your device;


Get the gasket to the right temperature. To do this, leave it in the kitchen near the refrigerator;


The next day, remove the old gasket. Clean the place to which it was attached;


Put the new part on the door and fix it with a special sealant.


Other problems do not affect the operation of the device but can be unpleasant for the owner. For example, owners often wonder: what to do if the refrigerator creaks?


If the sealing rubber was previously replaced, the reason may lie in the door hinges. You can try to tighten them if they are loose. To do this, you need to remove special protective caps and use a suitable screwdriver. If the door continues to creak even after such manipulations, most likely the worn hinges need to be replaced.


Another minor, but not a very pleasant problem is a broken or cracked refrigerator shelf. Where to buy a new refrigerator shelf that will fit? Contact the service center, they may sell components for your device model. Otherwise, the part can be made to order.


Why is the refrigerator bubbling?


Bubbling sounds are typical for the normal operation of the refrigerator, so when you hear that the refrigerator is bubbling, you should not immediately call a technician or try to repair the refrigerator yourself. Bubbling often indicates that freon is passing through the tubes of the device. Being a gas by nature, the refrigerant turns into a liquid under the influence of the work process and cannot help but make sounds.


Too loud sounds when the new device is working are also the norm. This indicates that the refrigerant is starting to function and may be unstable at first. The same applies to a device that has not been used for a long time.


If the refrigerator started bubbling loudly and suddenly, there may not be enough freon in its mechanism. How to fill the refrigerator with freon? You can resort to the help of a master or try to solve the problem yourself. To begin with, you will need to drain the remaining freon. To do this, take a needle grip, which will function as a vise. With the help of the device, it is necessary to clamp the cleaning filter, after which pierce the device in the place where the copper plate is visible. Release excess pressure, then purge the device with nitrogen. The last preparatory stage will be drying the refrigerator.


Pump in new gas using the Schroeder valve. It is installed after the old refrigerant is completely removed from the system. After carrying out the specified actions, connect a cylinder with a new freon, previously purchased in a specialized store, using special tubes and start pumping gas. In the course of work, you should be extremely careful not to allow excess pressure. When the tank is full, turn on the compressor to check its operation. During normal operation, the tubes are bent and sealed, and the hoses are unscrewed.


To understand how to properly solder the refrigerator tube, refer to the instructions:


– Select the appropriate solder. An alloy of different metals, such as lithium, potassium, sodium, and aluminum, is often used in soldering of this kind;

– Use a gas burner, which melts the solder at high temperature and welds it to the cooling tube;

– Observe safety techniques: use special gloves and safety glasses when working.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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