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Often malfunctions in which the microwave has stopped turning on are due to the “human factor”. Before opening the case, make sure that there is power. Check the cable connection to the network. Analyze the performance of the outlet. Try to plug another device into it. Or the device itself is diagnosed in another contact connector.

In addition to banal situations, there are more serious reasons why the microwave oven does not turn on. The prerequisites for the formation of breakdowns are:

⇒ voltage drops;
⇒ high operational loads;
⇒ unfavorable conditions (humidity) that provoke oxidation of internal components;
⇒ violation of the rules of use (see instructions);
⇒ mechanical damage;
⇒ lack of timely maintenance and others.

There are several main elements, the failure of which entails the lack of inclusion of the microwave.

Fuse or temperature sensor

After excluding the above options, it is necessary to analyze the internal space of the furnace, starting with the means of protection. There are only two of them – high-voltage and temperature sensors. They prevent damage to working units, “work” first in case of overload (absorb), and, as a rule, burnout. Fuses cannot be restored and are completely replaced. Their failure can also be the reason why the microwave does not heat

The user’s task is to visually detect defects by inspecting each object for swelling of capacitors (boiling), darkening (opals), the presence of a burning smell, drips, and damage to the insulation.

Door latch microswitch

The locking system works automatically. If the functionality is violated, the sensor signals the microwave oven control unit that the door is not closed. Consequently, the microwave will not turn on.

Sources of malfunctions can also be mechanical damage to the fixing elements of the door. Rough treatment, accompanied by sharp closing, increased pressure, accelerated opening and closing, long service life, and other similar manipulations lead to wear of these parts. In this case, it is necessary not only to replace the micro switch but also the valves themselves.

In addition, against the background of such problems, mains fuses often burn out, which forms a number of reasons why the microwave will not turn on.

Malfunctions in the control board

Regardless of the interface of the microwave oven (touch or mechanical), if it does not turn on, you should check the health of the module. First, analyze the presence of voltage at the transformer output. Its absence will indicate that the problem is not in the board, but in the power supply.

Please note that it is simply impossible to restore the transformer, including rewinding, at home without the appropriate level of skill, proper equipment, and tools. Most often, these units are not subject to repair and are completely replaced.

Next, analyze the microwave board itself. First of all, remove it and inspect it, identifying visual damage. These include darkening (local or complete), drips, swollen capacitors, etc. There is also a fuse on the board that is similarly prone to blowing. Be sure to check the tracks, diodes, stabilizers, and other circuit components.

If you find faults and want to fix them, simple soldering skills will not be enough. In this case, you will need filigree work, which is best entrusted to the master.

This category also includes breakdowns of the microwave indicator, provided for any modifications of devices and versions of the control unit. Such failures are also the main causes of malfunction and lack of inclusion, as well as the reason why the plate does not spin in the microwave.

According to statistics, more than 70% of microwave owners try to make repairs themselves. In 80% of cases, this is caused not by ambition, but by distrust of the masters. Unfortunately, almost 99% of them end with “tragic” consequences, including traumatic situations arising through the fault of the user – electric shocks, and cuts.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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