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If the microwave door does not open, it is often unexpected and unpleasant. You need to immediately find out the causes and then think about what to do – repair or buy a new one.


Microwave oven won’t open – 5 common causes


Closing, opening, and locking the door is done mechanically, so the door is one of the most vulnerable places.


Most often, the microwave oven does not open for the following reasons:


A software malfunction occurred. Turn off the device, then turn it back on after a few minutes


The handle is broken. Try to glue it together or open it without a handle

The door latch is jammed. Try to open and replace the latch with a new one


The springs are defective.Cannot be repaired, must be replaced

The button is broken. Gently pry the latches and open the door


Tip. If the door won’t open, don’t pull as hard as you can, as you may break the mechanism. First, you need to figure out what kind of mechanical failure has occurred, and only then look for a solution. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Pen malfunction


If the handle or the open button is broken, but the timer and locking mechanism are working, the handle can be temporarily fixed or glued. Or you can open the door by gently pulling on the door frame. If the door is in good working order but does not open, it is locked, so it is the locking mechanism itself.


Important! Any microwave oven has a locking function to prevent the microwave from operating when the door is open. In models with a physical handle, the microwave turns off automatically when the door is opened.


In addition to the handle on the door, the timer control lever may malfunction, for example, by rotating around its axis. Any diagnostics of the controller must be carried out only when disconnected from the power supply! You need to inspect the knob for a malfunction and replace it with a new one or contact the Poway Appliance Service Center.


Broken door latch


When the microwave door closes, the hooks catch on the lock rods. When the mode is finished, the hook is released by pressing the button or knob.


You can easily determine that the problem is with the latch by pulling the door toward you. If you feel that something is holding it, you need to unlock the door and check the hooks and holes. And be sure to check if the hole where the latch hooks are clogged, and clean it of debris. If necessary, replace the latches with new ones.


Broken springs


The door spring is involved in every door opening and closing cycle. Therefore, during operation, the spring can weaken and cause problems with the door. It is not possible to repair the part; it must be replaced by yourself or with the help of a specialist.


The mechanical door opener also uses a spring, which wears out over time and can cause the door to not open.


Problems with the button


If the button is spring-loaded, as, in the case of the door spring, the part needs to be replaced as it is not repairable. You can determine that the problem is with the button by feeling if the button “walks”, is pressed too easily, or makes uncharacteristic sounds, squeaks, or growls.


If the button is touch-sensitive, you need to check whether it responds to pressing, try turning the appliance off and on. If the situation does not change, it is better to contact a specialist from Poway Appliance Service Center.


How to open the microwave: step-by-step instructions


  1. Disconnect from the mains.
  2. Place on a horizontal surface.
  3. Take a metal ruler and gently pick up the latches.
  4. Examine which part is out of order, replace it, or contact a service technician.


How to open the microwave oven if the button is broken


If the button is spring-loaded, use the same tips as for other breakdowns, namely, remove the blocking hooks with a metal ruler.


If you have tested the touch button and found that it does not respond to pressing or that the wrong mode is activated, it is better to contact a specialist. To fix such a breakdown yourself, you need knowledge and tools.


Steps to follow:


– Disconnect the device from the mains.

– Unscrew the fasteners and remove the case cover.

– Disconnect the panel cable from the module.

– Carefully inspect the board tracks and check them with a tester or multimeter.

– Repair any damage with conductive glue and check for contact.

– Reassemble the microwave oven.


If the microwave oven door does not open, it does not mean that the manufacturer used low-quality parts or that the assembly leaves much to be desired. Even if manufacturers use the highest quality materials, the door is the element that is subject to constant stress. Operation leads to natural wear and tear of parts and their replacement.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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