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You started washing, the machine reached the spin and began to vibrate strongly, and maybe even jump and jump around the bathroom. In this situation, the washing machine can break the drain or fill the hose, which is fraught with the risk of flooding the room. To leave the machine in such a state is in no case possible!

Causes of why a new washing machine vibrates strongly
If you have just installed a washing machine, perhaps the reason why it bounces strongly is as follows.

The shipping bolts are not unscrewed. They are needed to secure the washer’s tank during transport. And although the bolts do not block the rotation of the drum, they do not allow the tank to self-correct the load. As a result, the machine jumps and knocks. Using a washing machine with unscrewed bolts can cause damage to the tank during the spin cycle. If the machine has just crossed the threshold of your home, be sure to check that all of the shipping bolts were unscrewed during installation! The number can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s best to check the manual.

Installation on a slippery floor. For example, on tiles, tile, or linoleum. In this case, try placing the machine on a rubberized mat or use anti-slip stickers for the feet (as a last resort, you can use double-sided construction tape).

Installing on a springy floor. The problem occurs most often in older homes and apartments where the floor is made on joists. It can resonate with vibration. A special mat can slightly improve the situation.

Uneven installation. Try rocking the machine with your hands. If it “limps” – then you need to adjust the legs and fix them in the right position with a locknut.
It is possible that the new washing machine vibrates a little more than the previous one. And you, it seems that it should not be so. But this is not surprising, since modern washing machines are designed for larger and larger loads of laundry. Therefore, their vibration is stronger.

In this case, it is not necessary to do anything. The main thing is to follow the instruction manual and not overload the washing machine.

What you can do yourself if your washing machine bounces
Problems associated with incorrect installation, as we described above. In this unit, let’s look at the situation when the cause is improper operation. Before seeking help from the service center, rule out the following causes.

Overloading the washing machine. If you loaded the washing machine with laundry above the norm and at the same time chose the spin mode at high speed, the stability of the washing machine is not enough, and it will start to bounce. You need to remove some items from the drum and turn on the spin again.

Unbalance of the laundry in the drum. You may be washing one large thing, or small items in the closet got into a larger thing (for example, a duvet cover). In this case, the machine can not spread things evenly on the drum, tries to accelerate, and at this point jumps. It is necessary to manually place the items on the drum and restart the spin.

Probable malfunctions requiring repair
Now let’s move on to the breakdowns that cause a strong vibration of the washing machine when spinning. According to the experience of craftsmen with Poway Appliance Service Center, these are.

Wear and tear on shock absorbers
Shock absorbers in a washing machine are a paired part, which is a body with a piston. They are designed to dampen the vibration of the tank. As they wear, the resistance changes (due to mechanical damage to the parts and drying of the lubricant), the vibrations are dampened worse, and the washing machine – jumps.
It is necessary to replace the shock absorbers. As a rule, there are two of them – and it is necessary to change both at the same time so that the load is distributed evenly! Otherwise, the old shock absorber will fail very quickly, and you will need the help of a specialist again.

Bearing wear and tear
The bearings are responsible for the smooth running of the drum. As the washing machine is used, the packing, which protects the bearings from moisture, loses elasticity and begins to let air and water in. As a result, the grease is washed out of the bearings, and they themselves rust and deteriorate. Bearings and packing need to be replaced.

The springs are loose or worn out.
Another vibration catcher are the springs on which the washing machine tank hangs. Depending on the brand and model of the washing machine, there may be 2 or 4 of them. Like shock absorbers, over time, the springs wear out, lose stiffness, the tank sags, it bangs against the body during the spin, and the machine vibrates strongly. Also, the springs can come off from their original place. In this case, the tank tilts, the machine jumps when squeezing, and the tank bangs against the body of the machine.
If the spring has come off, it must be put back on. If one or more springs are loose, all springs are replaced with new ones. This is necessary to distribute the load evenly.

The counterweight’s fasteners are loose or cracked
A counterweight is a heavy block that also dampens vibrations and provides stability to the washer. It is usually made of concrete. Usually, there are several counterweights in a washing machine. Occasionally, in the course of using the washing machine, the counterweight may crumble and collapse. However, much more often there are problems with the counterweight fastening – they come loose, and there is a characteristic knock and vibration. It is necessary to tighten the bolts tighter if the counterweight to the washing machine tank is loose. When the counterweight is cracked or destroyed, replace it with a new one.

Opened the flaps during a spin in an upright washing machine
In vertical washing machines, sometimes in the process of washing, the drum flaps open. In this case, they cling to the heating element, the tank, and the drum wedges “permanently”. In rare cases, the machine “tries” to rotate the blocked drum so much that the flaps break the FET and damage the tank.

The opening of the flaps is due to:
overloading the machine with laundry;
careless operation – an item of clothing caught between the latch and the flap;
loosening of the latch due to mechanical deformation.

Disassembly of the machine is necessary. Depending on the extent of damage, you need to replace the flaps, the heating element, the drum, or the tank as a whole.

If your washing machine, which previously worked without faults, suddenly started bouncing – leave us an online request. A handyman with Poway Appliance Repair Service will arrive on the call in as little time as possible. Specialists will examine your washing machine and determine the exact cause of why the washing machine vibrates and/or bounces when spinning. We will repair it right away. Call us! We will get your household back on track.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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