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Why the refrigerator hums, but the compressor does not start:


– The protective relay regulator is defective;

– Low voltage in the electric network;

– Start capacitor is defective; – Compressor jammed;

– compressor jammed;

– the defrosting device is defective;

– there was a short circuit in the motor starter winding.


The noise level of the equipment increases with the natural wear of the compressor motor, its shock absorbers, or its unbalanced fan.


LG unit motor works, refrigerator compressor hums, but does not freeze? It means that there was a breakdown of the evaporator.


If the device works, freezes and the compressor starts, but it began to hum strongly and there was a metal knock near the motor, there is a discharge of rubbing pairs. This is a consequence of the wear of parts over time or the installation of defective parts at the factory.


Unpleasant odor


Such odors can appear inside the refrigerator due to the fault of the users when putting food with pungent odors when the freezer is not wiped dry after defrosting. The odor is removed quite simply.


  1. Remove all food from the refrigerator compartment.
  2. Place a beaker of water and lemon juice added at a ratio of one to one in that compartment, close the door tightly, and turn off the refrigerator to defrost the freezer.
  3. After defrosting, which will take several hours, wipe all the walls of the chambers and shelves with a mixture of lemon juice and water, and leave closed for a few minutes, but no more than half an hour.
  4. Wipe the entire refrigerator inside with a dry, clean cloth. Lemon vapor and juice will not only remove the smell, but they will also remove grease and dirt from the walls and shelves.


The refrigerator can be used no earlier than 5-10 hours because it must be well-aired. Such an operation is better to do in the evening, before going to bed, and by morning your refrigerator will be like new.


What to do to find out the cause


To rule out a “mechanical” effect on the operation of the device, you need to check the way the unit is installed for compliance with the basic requirements:


– The appliance must be level, secure, stable, and without warping.

– The minimum distance from the side wall of the unit to the surrounding objects (all) must be 6 cm.

– The clearance from the rear wall must be more than 7 cm.

– The shipping bolts tightening the springs must be removed, and the shock-absorbing mounts must be in good working order.


Let’s consider, if the refrigerator hums heavily, what you can do and what is not recommended to do:


– First, you can examine the interior of the chambers for rattling utensils, look under the freezer in search of excess frost on the walls, and check if a foreign object has fallen behind the refrigerator. Move it away from the wall by a couple of centimeters.

– Then you can defrost the appliance to prevent moving parts (the fan) from catching on the frozen ice. No Frost system in most LG devices requires a long shutdown (for 5-6 hours). Rinse the unit thoroughly, and transfer food from glass containers to plastic.

– Do not try to examine the compressor of a working refrigerator, change its position, and disassemble the unit connected to the network.

– You should not leave the unit on when it is found that it has stopped freezing, the engine compressor does not start, and moreover, if the smell of burning insulation appeared.


Various creaks, gurgles, clicks, and some other sounds are characteristic of freezing units. Their origin is explained by the triggering of the relay or thermal expansion/contraction of the unit’s case materials. A serious increase in noise emanating from the circulation unit is a reason to call a technician immediately to avoid a leak of toxic refrigerant.


It is not recommended to attempt to repair the internal failures of the cooling unit yourself. Its correct maintenance requires theoretical and practical skills in handling special diagnostic and charging equipment. The refrigerant circulating inside the units, if leaking can provoke severe poisoning: it is dangerous for human and animal health and the environment.


Careful operation is the key to your equipment, but no one is immune to unexpected malfunctions. Is the compressor in the refrigerator warm or does not work? The further operation of such a faulty device will lead to a more serious breakdown and the subsequent expensive repair. The price for a new compressor can make up one-third of the total cost of the refrigerator. That is why the first “symptoms” of a breakdown it is better addressed in the qualified service center at once.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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