Breakdowns that can make your refrigerator hum too much

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– The compressor is running and the refrigerator is noisy. Most likely, there is a natural wear and tear of the compressor motor during the operation of the refrigerator. The breakdown of the unit provokes the formation of backlash parts. Pistons or piston rings may have frayed. As a result, you will hear very loud noises when your refrigerator is running. If the parts have already worn down significantly, you may experience decompression of the motor, so in addition to the noise, you will observe a long-running compressor. You need to replace the motor.


– There is a humming noise when the compressor is running, the noise is amplified at the beginning and end of the motorcycle. The shock absorbers of the unit may have loosened, so the vibrations of the motor running will be heard more strongly. When starting and stopping the compressor, the sound becomes stronger as the unit jerks. It is worth adjusting the shock absorbers.


– The sounds resemble grinding, and the refrigerator has a No Frost function. If your refrigerator does run “like a tractor” and the noise is like a grinding noise, you may be hearing a fan noise in the freezer. The fan may be forming ice. If it is around the fan in the freezer that the ice is freezing, then the fan, as it rotates, is catching the ice with its blades, so the noise resembles a squeaking noise.


It is necessary to defrost the refrigerator. And remember, it takes at least 10 hours to fully defrost the fridge! If the ice is frozen again after some time, it can already be a sign of another breakdown. Be that as it may, the unit needs to be turned off, diagnosed, and professionally repaired.


The rest of the cases with “gurgling”, “clicking”, “blowing”, etc. are most often absolutely normal sounds for a working refrigerator. And the sound of refrigerant circulating in the system is not malfunctioning at all – this murmuring should not cause your anxiety. It is quite another matter if the fridge has “kept silent” for a long time, and then it “started talking”. In this case for these complex negotiations all the same it does not hurt to call a good master.


In spite of the fact that any fridge manufacturer invariably assures the potential buyer of the low noisiness of their model of appliance, it is simply impossible to make it completely silent. The heart of any fridge is a compressor, it is akin to a motor and sounds very similar. And in models with No Frost, there is a fan, which is another potential source of annoying noises.


But we are not going to touch such sounds as gurgling, snapping, and creaking, all of them are related to the movement of the refrigerant inside the fridge and are evidence of its normal operation. Instead, let’s pay more attention to serious situations that need fixing.


Signs of a humming refrigerator malfunction


Now let’s move on to more serious breakdowns when the refrigerator not only makes noise but also does not start or works intermittently. In most cases, unfortunately, it is impossible to fix the situation with your own hands, only a specialist can help. Such malfunctions mainly affect aged refrigerators:


– wear and tear of the compressor – after several years of operation, gaps (backlashes) are formed between the parts, and there is abrasion of pistons, and fasteners; in this case, the sounds cannot be confused with anything – they are constant and quite loud, they stop with switching off the compressor-motor;

– loosening of compressor fasteners – the part itself is serviceable, increased noise is observed at the beginning and end of the freezing cycle; the problem is solved quite simply – either by adjustment of compressor shock absorbers or complete replacement of compressor fasteners-springs;

– Failure of evaporator – lattice structure on the back wall of the appliance; in this case, the refrigerator makes noise, but does not freeze; it is difficult not to notice the problem, but it is solved by replacing the defective part.


About why the refrigerator hums and what the owner can do in this situation, we told you. Remember that the best way to prevent a breakdown is to follow the rules of operation of the appliance and defrost it regularly.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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