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Ruud Furnace Repair

Unfortunately, even the best quality equipment sometimes fails. Repair of heating gas furnaces is a necessary measure. And it requires a prompt response and troubleshooting. In such situations, you should immediately contact the professionals at Poway Appliance Service Center. We have been providing prompt and urgent Ruud Furnace Repair in Poway, CA for over 20 years. And we provide a guarantee for all types of our work.

Recently, more and more families are choosing autonomous heating systems in an apartment or private house. They allow you to provide a comfortable microclimate in the room, save on energy costs and flexibly manage settings according to need. The most common type of heating furnace is gas. They are complex, high-risk equipment and therefore require periodic Ruud Furnace Repair and Service.

Our service center offers professional repair of gas furnaces at affordable prices. Ruud Furnace Repair is available 24 hours a day in emergency situations.

Repair and maintenance of gas furnaces

Why gas furnaces fail – operation around the clock during the heating season, operational errors and low quality of network water. Gas pressure surges also lead to rapid wear of the main parts of furnaces. Therefore, systematic maintenance of gas furnaces is a mandatory requirement for their high-quality operation and extending their useful life. Our company offers quality Ruud Furnace Repair and Service at home.

If heating equipment malfunctions, water leaks, gas or burning odors, noise or vibration, contact us immediately. A Ruud Furnace Repair technician will arrive at the agreed time with the necessary tools and equipment. Our specialist will find the cause of the malfunction and repair wall-mounted or floor-standing boilers of all models.

Our qualified technicians will eliminate the most common malfunctions of gas equipment and perform the following activities:

  • Internal cleaning of the furnace.
  • Washing and soldering the heat exchanger.
  • Replacement of sensors.
  • Fan repair.
  • Installation of gas furnaces.
  • Inflating the membrane tank.
  • Burner cleaning and repair.
  • Replacing the pressure switch.
  • Pump replacement.
  • Eliminate gas leaks.
  • Elimination of leaks in pipelines and connections.

Repair of gas furnace control board

The efficient operation of furnace equipment depends on the automation system. Control boards receive signals from sensors, control the functioning of all components and provide user-specified operating modes. Therefore, their failure will lead to incorrect operation or complete shutdown of the equipment.

Our technicians at Ruud Furnace Repair and Service are electronics specialists and can expertly repair electronic circuit boards. Diagnostics using modern equipment allows you to identify the cause of the problem and eliminate it. If it is impossible or impractical to restore the board, we will be able to find an original replacement and install it.

Gas furnace repair

Our technicians are specialists in the repair of single-circuit and double-circuit boilers of all well-known manufacturers and models. 

We will help:

  • Select heating equipment according to your requirements.
  • Install floor-mounted and wall-mounted boilers.
  • Put them to work.
  • Carry out maintenance.
  • Ruud Furnace Repair and service as required

Our advantages are:

  • High professionalism.
  • Fast response.
  • The best price on the market.
  • Comprehensive service.
  • Services at the client’s home.
  • Prompt troubleshooting
  • Guarantee for all types of work.

With us, the equipment will work properly and uninterruptedly provide warmth and comfort to your homes.

Poway Appliance Service Center has been specializing in professional repair and maintenance of a variety of household and commercial appliances since 2001. By contacting us for Ruud Furnace Repair and Service, you can be sure that our services will be at the highest level. Call us now and your furnace breakdown will be fixed within no time.

We perform all work on time

We always do our work in a timely manner. We are constantly striving to improve our speed.

We guarantee our work

Our company is so confident in the quality of our repairs that we back it up with a 90-day labor warranty.

Result of decisions made

Our specialist carries out repairs, works carefully in the process, so as not to leave behind any traces of equipment repairs, and not to spoil the appearance. After the repair is completed, our company will back it up with a 90-day labor warranty. If you encounter the same problem during the warranty period, rest assured we will return to get an appliance back up to perfectly working condition.


Frequently asked questions

What if I have a complex repair of equipment?
Our specialist will come to your home, conduct diagnostics and offer solutions to the problem. And only after your consent, the repair will begin.
Do you have customer support?
Our managers will always listen carefully to you and give you initial recommendations on the malfunction of your equipment to determine the cost of repair. Call: (858) 203-0990
Is the expert's visit free of charge?
If you order a call to the master through our website, you are guaranteed to get a free diagnosis of your device, and detection of breakage.

Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

Subscribe to our news, you will receive personalized discounts

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