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Electrolux Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator repair is one of the most acceptable activities of Poway Appliance Service Center. This brand has gained great popularity among users, so our specialists have a great experience in Electrolux Refrigerator Repair in Poway, CA. Our technicians take on jobs of the highest complexity, no task, even the most difficult one, stops them. Call us now and your refrigerator will be freezing like before within a day.

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There can be several reasons for refrigerator malfunctions. The most common one is improper operation of the unit. However, even if all rules and regulations are observed, internal structural parts are unfortunately subject to natural wear and tear. Only a qualified Electrolux Refrigerator Repair and Service technician can determine the exact cause of the malfunction.

Refrigerator repair – key faults and their signs

It is the user’s task to seek the services of a specialist without delay, if even the slightest malfunction is noticed in the refrigerator’s operation. This malfunction can be identified by various external signs. Our Electrolux Refrigerator Repair specialists have prepared a list of the most common malfunctions occurring in refrigeration equipment and their signs. They can be used to distinguish equipment malfunctions and suggest a preliminary problem. 

So, here are the most characteristic breakdowns occurring in the units of the Italian brand:

  • Freon leakage belongs to the category of the most common problems. Freon ensures proper functioning of the refrigerator, and its deficiency leads to all sorts of failures. If there is not enough Freon in the refrigeration circuit, the unit will work at full capacity, i.e. non-stop. And inside the refrigerating chamber there will be a complete or partial lack of cooling. Such a failure is subject to immediate Electrolux Refrigerator Repair and Service.
  • The breakdown of the thermal regulator is accompanied by different signs. The first of them is a situation when the refrigerator does not turn on completely, i.e. it does not work at all and does not make any sounds. At the same time, the light inside the refrigerating chamber works. 

The second symptom is continuous operation of the refrigerator without necessary pauses, when a snowball freezes inside the chamber, and the products are subject to freezing even in the plus temperature mode. The third reason is the opposite – the refrigerator is idle for a long time and is switched on only for a short time. Faced with a similar situation – call us for prompt and quality Electrolux Refrigerator Repair.

  • Breakdown of the starter relay is accompanied by the following peculiarities of operation: the refrigerator constantly tries to turn on, but it succeeds only for a few seconds. After that, the refrigerator is switched off, downtime and unsuccessful attempt again. The user can hear characteristic clicks.
  • Compressor failure is the most unpleasant of all breakdowns, as the replacement of such an element refers to expensive Electrolux Refrigerator Repair and Service. The situation with the compressor is similar to the situation with the starter relay: the unit tries to turn on, it turns on for only a few seconds, after which it shuts off and has a long downtime.
  • It should also be noted that the electronic module in the refrigerator very often fails. In this case, the user can observe different symptoms. The first of them is a complete inability of the refrigerator to turn on even for a short period of time. The second characteristic sign is a squeak inside the refrigerator, which is accompanied by constant flashing of the display and LED lights. The third possibility is unstable operation of the unit, i.e. constant switching on and off without observing the necessary intervals. 

In this case, the temperature inside the refrigerating chamber rises, and products may spoil. On some models a special emergency light may flash, or an error code may be displayed on the control panel.

But whatever the breakdown – do not try to eliminate it yourself. Therefore, if any of the above problems occur, you should immediately contact a specialist Electrolux Refrigerator Repair. Only a competent technician will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and fix it within a day.

Poway Appliance Service Center offers top quality service that is reliable and backed by a warranty. We repair a variety of residential and commercial appliances from all the well-known brands in our market. Since 2001, many customers have come to know who to trust for Electrolux Refrigerator Repair and Service in their city. Their trust is valuable and important to us!

We perform all work on time

We always do our work in a timely manner. We are constantly striving to improve our speed.

We guarantee our work

Our company is so confident in the quality of our repairs that we back it up with a 90-day labor warranty.

Result of decisions made

Our specialist carries out repairs, works carefully in the process, so as not to leave behind any traces of equipment repairs, and not to spoil the appearance. After the repair is completed, our company will back it up with a 90-day labor warranty. If you encounter the same problem during the warranty period, rest assured we will return to get an appliance back up to perfectly working condition.


Frequently asked questions

What if I have a complex repair of equipment?
Our specialist will come to your home, conduct diagnostics and offer solutions to the problem. And only after your consent, the repair will begin.
Do you have customer support?
Our managers will always listen carefully to you and give you initial recommendations on the malfunction of your equipment to determine the cost of repair. Call: (858) 203-0990
Is the expert's visit free of charge?
If you order a call to the master through our website, you are guaranteed to get a free diagnosis of your device, and detection of breakage.

Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

Subscribe to our news, you will receive personalized discounts

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