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You started washing: you put things in the LG washing machine, started the program, and went on to do household chores. And when you returned to the machine, you found that it did not spin the laundry. Why the spin does not work in the LG washing machine, let’s talk in this article.

LG machine does not spin: what you can do yourself

Sometimes the malfunction can be associated with errors of operation, incorrect installation, or selected programs. Here is a list of reasons for the lack of spinning, which you can cope with on your own.

1. The “No spin” program has been selected. No spin or low-speed spin in delicate fabrics programs. There is also an additional spin option on some LG models that enable the spin function to be disabled. Check which program you have selected and whether you have accidentally activated the no spin function.
2. The LG machine is not level. If it “slants” to one side, you will not be able to evenly spread the items for spinning the washing machine. To solve the problem, set the machine level.
3. The LG machine is overloaded with laundry. Check if the weight of the laundry corresponds to the selected program. The maximum weight for each program is specified in the manual of your washing machine. You may have overloaded the machine, so it cannot spin the items.
4. A heavy item is being washed. Modern LG washing machines are equipped with a balance control system in the drum. If you wash one heavy item, such as a floor mat or robe, the machine won’t be able to distribute it evenly across the drum and won’t spin it. Add a towel, sweatshirt, or any other medium-weight item to the drum and start the spin again.
5. Loaded laundry is not evenly distributed. It may have clumped together, that is why the LG machine cannot spread things evenly in the drum and does not wring out. Open the washer and unload the laundry by hand, then restart the spin.
6. Too little laundry is loaded. A small load of the machine may also cause imbalance. Add one or two items close in weight to the laundry to evenly distribute the laundry across the drum.
7. One-time electronics failure. The control board may malfunction due to power surges. Try disconnecting the LG washing machine from the mains for 10-15 minutes, then start spinning again.

Possible malfunctions

Here are the main breakdowns that are the reason why the LG washing machine does not spin.

The bearings are worn out
Over time, the bearings wear out and deteriorate due to moisture entering them. LG machine at first stops squeezing, and then all rotate the drum.

Worn out motor brushes
In LG machines without direct drive, the motor shaft rotates due to the electromagnetic field created by the brushes. Over time, they wear out and cannot produce enough torque to rotate.

Belt tension and slipping
The belt stretches during use. This causes the belt to slip at high drum rotation speeds.

Control module malfunctioning
The part of the module responsible for drum rotation is malfunctioning. Burning radio elements, oxidizing or burned out tracks on board.

Worn-out shock absorbers
They soften vibrations when the washing machine is running. When the shock absorbers are worn out, the balance control system does not allow the LG machine to spin the drum to the desired speed because of the strong vibration, so the washer does not spin.

Pressure switch malfunction
The water level sensor is “stuck” in the position of a full tank, so the machine does not pour. This is due to clogging of the pressure chamber, pressure switch hose, or malfunction of the sensor itself.

The electric motor burned out
There was a short circuit or breakage in the windings of the stator or rotor of the motor.

Heater element malfunctioned
The breakdown is not directly related to the spin, but it does not happen, because the machine interrupts the program during the washing cycle.

Lack of spin is a serious inconvenience for users of LG washing machines. If you’ve determined that the reason your LG machine isn’t spinning your laundry is due to a breakdown, you need a washing machine repair! Call Poway Appliance Service Center or book now.

The technician will come at your convenience, determine exactly what’s wrong, and repair your LG at home if necessary.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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